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About Us

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We connect you and your business with the right people online. By utilising your existing business data and insight, coupled with our own extensive research, we create a solid plan of action that we execute elegantly, with the utmost respect for your budget.


At a tactical level that might involve creating a search, display and remarketing campaign to bring hundreds and thousands of potential new customers to your website. It might be to craft a social media campaign to grow your community, helping to amplify your company’s voice as a leader and innovator in your field.


If you’re an online retailer you might need us to connect your ecommerce platform with Google’s powerful shopping tools, so you can list your products directly on the first page of a search query, reducing your advertising costs and improving your conversion rate.


No matter what the business or the challenge we are able to connect you with the customers you need to grow online.


The reason we get up everyday is because we love online marketing. We love that it evens up the playing field between the big brand and the one-man band. We love the fact that if you have a great business, there doesn’t have to be a limit to your success.


As bastions of your brand image, we would devise a well-thought out plan that is skilfully executed. Our aim would be for you to have customers flocking to your door, ready to buy what you sell, without you needing to sell a kidney to fund your expansion.


Another reason we do what we do is because we’re good at it. We’re not in marketing for the art of it, the awards, or the adulation of our peers (although there is plenty of that of course!). We work in marketing because we like to understand customers. We enjoy finding out what makes them buy, what turns them off, and how we can engage more of them spend their money with you.

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It’s said you should never build your house on sand, and we are firm believers in that philosophy. We always start with understanding; what’s the real objective, how did your business get to where it is today, what do your customers really buy from you, and what does success look like. In addition to these important questions we’re fiendish in devouring data.


Once we understand what you are all about and where you want to be, we set about creating a plan. To us, a plan isn’t a beefy power point presentation with clever graphs and incomprehensible language. A plan is outlining clear objectives, creating a concise list of actionable tasks, and having a robust mechanism for measuring success.


In a nutshell, at its most basic level we: plan, do, measure, report, optimise and repeat until you’re almost incoherent with joy and we’re firmly on your Christmas card list.

Meet our founder

In-depth experience with companies of all sizes,

across multiple industries

Robert Hodson

Founder & Managing Director

Robert Hodson founded Jaegerson Digital after many years of working as a freelance digital marketing consultant. He has in-depth experience with companies of all sizes, across multiple industries.


He wanted to formalise his experiences and convert his own passion for digital marketing into a company which was about getting the job done right, and delivering the very best result for the client.


Robert’s early career was spent in sales. He quickly learned that it was much easier to sell the solution to a customer’s needs, than it was to sell what the marketing department put in the brochure [yes brochure, he is quite old]. After many years on the road, and quite literally thousands of meetings with hundreds of clients, he took a step back from the front line and found his niche in marketing.


This was just about the time that websites and the fledgling digital marketing industry were starting to get airtime. Interested in this landscape shift, he chose to focus entirely on understanding how digital could be leveraged to help companies sell more and sell faster.


Robert taught himself how to build websites and more importantly how to optimise them. He studied for his Google exams and, like a good student, got all the certifications. He set about working with companies all over the UK to help them better understand online advertising, and how they could leap ahead of their bigger competitors by utilising these new tactics.


Several years on and here we are. Robert is still very hands on and his direct and effervescent style, combined with his innate ability to cut through the BS and focus on what actually needs to happen, are a breath of fresh air in an industry overpopulated with people who start every sentence with “So, …”


3 facts about Robert Hodson

  • He uses more swear words than adjectives
  • He once met Michael Buble
  • He thinks TV has killed the brains of an entire generation
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