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    What does success really look like?


    What do we know and what can be done

  • 03 PLAN

    Lay out the tactics and metrics as a road map to success.

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    Carefully release the plan into the wild.


    Measure results and make incremental improvements.

The Best Solution For Your Business


  • AdWords is quite simply the very best way to get your company in front of the right people, with the right message, at the right time. The ability to launch a campaign this morning and have your ads at the top of a Google search this afternoon is unparalleled in the online marketing world. Sure you can do something similar with Bing, but when was the last time you used Bing? Below we will look at some of the options available to you and your business via AdWords.


  • As an online retailer, shopping campaigns should, without doubt, be your principal focus. The ability to show highly targeted, powerful, image-based ads directly in Google search results will give you a huge advantage over your less tech savvy competitors. Getting a Google shopping campaign set up isn’t easy, the integration between Google merchant center, your ecommerce website and the shopping campaigns themselves require the expertise of some super sharp operators with planet sized brains. Luckily for you, you are reading our website. The benefits of having this integration are enormous: reduced cost per engagement, reduced advertising costs, increased conversion rate and sales figures. In essence, everything that will have your boss flushed with pride and giving you a pay rise.


  • Remarketing takes many forms, of which we will examine, the 3 most useful. Its principle purpose is to bring back non-converters and have them carry through and make a purchase. Remarketing is quite a sensitive tactic and lots of big companies get it very wrong. Don’t be one of them


  • Advertising on twitter offers a powerful range of targeting options along with flexible campaign objectives and in relative terms, excellent value for money.  The ability to target by keyword, user, location, language and even by TV show combined with age and gender targeting means that you can get super granular with twitter campaigns and target only the people you feel are suitable prospects for your business.


    The ability to set up many different campaigns around the outcome or campaign objective gives you the opportunity to get the best return on every marketing pound spent on twitter.  You can grow your followers giving you greater reach for all your organic social content.  You can target app downloads, website clicks, website conversions and even use twitter to generate leads without the user having to leave the site.


  • Remarketing for search, or “remarketing lists for search advertising” to give it its full name (RSLA for short), is still relatively new and very much underutilised by many online businesses. However, it is a very powerful weapon in our armoury and here’s why:


    RLSA allows us modify bids for returning customers in our search marketing campaigns. Some companies will want to bid up, knowing that a returning customer is more likely to convert. This usually applies to products with a very short purchase cycle. A customer comes to the site, they don’t fully get it, they go elsewhere, still don’t find what they need, and then they make the very same search again. At this point we want to grab their attention, bring them back and have them convert with us. Other companies will want to bid down, preferring to only bring new users to the website via paid search. In summary, RLSA can have a very big impact on the total advertising budget, the split between new and returning customers, and also conversion rates.


  • In most cases this will form the cornerstone of your online activity. Someone comes to the internet with a problem, they make a search, and your ad appears front and centre offering to solve their problem right now, and all they have to do is click through to your website.


    Obviously getting the campaign set up perfectly so that every single penny of your budget attracts the right people to your website is a little more complex, but that is exactly what we do. And we don’t just set up the account and forget about it. Our campaign managers are dedicated to optimising and improving the performance of your search campaigns every single day. This means that each and every month you’ll be getting better and better results, improved ROI and all the new business sales and enquires you can handle.


  • This is the most straightforward method of remarketing. Someone comes to the site; they don’t complete a transaction or inquiry. So we try to encourage them to return and convert by showing them adverts via the display network. It’s a useful tactic as the cost per engagement is low, but it’s vitally important to limit the number of adverts shown to these people. We’ve all been followed around the internet for weeks, being touted products that we’ve decided against or indeed bought elsewhere. Less is more


  • Facebook holds a huge amount of data about each and every user, and this wealth of data can be used very effectively to target the right user, with the right promotion based on a myriad of targeting options.
    In addition to traditional demographic and location based targeting, facebook adverts utilise advanced targeting techniques such as online and purchase behaviour.   The relationship a user has to people already connected to your business or brand, or more broadly you can target users based on their interests, which will be very well defined by the pages and posts they engage with on facebook.


    The ability to lay out campaigns by objective is another very powerful weapon in the facebook ads armoury.  Growing page likes is useful to build credibility for your business on facebook, you can target app downloads and engagements, encourage website clicks and drive website conversions.  You can also make very targeted promotions and increase attendance to events.  Like twitter the targeting options combined with predefined campaign objectives make facebook excellent value for money, on a per engagement basis.


  • Display marketing very often gets a bad rap. Many people find it hard to directly attribute sales and conversion to display marketing. For that reason they conclude that it doesn’t actually add any value to the online activity. These people need to take a step back and think a little harder.


    It is true that display marketing probably won’t contribute very many direct conversions, but as a comparison, large corporations spend millions of pounds on TV every year, and how many direct conversions could be attributed to a national TV campaign?


    Display is about awareness. It introduces your company to potential customers, creating brand recognition, so that in the future they will search for your name directly when they need you.


    The measurable effects of display are ultimately increased, direct and organic traffic. People will come back to you from different channels in the future, and at that point you will get the conversion. The value of display in the overall contribution to growing online should not be underestimated.


  • Dynamic Remarketing is where things start to get really clever and is of the most value to online retailers. Used in conjunction with your Google shopping campaigns and Google merchant center, dynamic remarketing has the power to show extremely targeted adverts to non-converters. Again, this is a sensitive and subtle technique which must be carefully implemented. If we know that the average sales cycle is 7 days, then any dynamic remarketing campaigns need to be limited to 7 days, and the number of adverts shown to people in a day, should be fewer than 3, so as not to arouse annoyance or engender negative brand sentiment.

Meet our founder

In-depth experience with companies of all sizes,

across multiple industries

Robert Hodson

Founder & Managing Director

Robert Hodson founded Jaegerson Digital after many years of working as a freelance digital marketing consultant. He has in-depth experience with companies of all sizes, across multiple industries.


He wanted to formalise his experiences and convert his own passion for digital marketing into a company which was about getting the job done right, and delivering the very best result for the client.


Robert’s early career was spent in sales. He quickly learned that it was much easier to sell the solution to a customer’s needs, than it was to sell what the marketing department put in the brochure [yes brochure, he is quite old]. After many years on the road, and quite literally thousands of meetings with hundreds of clients, he took a step back from the front line and found his niche in marketing.


This was just about the time that websites and the fledgling digital marketing industry were starting to get airtime. Interested in this landscape shift, he chose to focus entirely on understanding how digital could be leveraged to help companies sell more and sell faster.


Robert taught himself how to build websites and more importantly how to optimise them. He studied for his Google exams and, like a good student, got all the certifications. He set about working with companies all over the UK to help them better understand online advertising, and how they could leap ahead of their bigger competitors by utilising these new tactics.


Several years on and here we are. Robert is still very hands on and his direct and effervescent style, combined with his innate ability to cut through the BS and focus on what actually needs to happen, are a breath of fresh air in an industry overpopulated with people who start every sentence with “So, …”


3 facts about Robert Hodson

  • He uses more swear words than adjectives
  • He once met Michael Buble
  • He thinks TV has killed the brains of an entire generation
Don’t settle for average! We get better results by maximising your budget like it was our own money.